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This Software is developed by us to take care of the entire working of Bar Council.

  • Software takes care of enrollment of Advocates. List of Advocates and their profile is made available in the system.
  • Complete details of individual Advocate has been provided commencing from the Advocate concerned enrolling, places of practice, promotions, etc.
  • ID cards and certificate of enrollment can be issued immediately upon confirmation of enrolment of Advocates on the very same day.
  • Issue of Stamps/ Papers and any other financial transactions can be done electronically and different options are provided in handling the financial transactions.
  • Security has been provided at various levels to avoid modification of data by unscrupulous elements.
  • Different types of statutory and other reports required by the court have been incorporated.
  • Enrollment Management System is full-function software, which can be used in other State Bar Councils as well. The software is modular and open to customization.

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