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Major construction companies are engaged in the National Highway project, on linking all Metros called the Golden Quadrangle. To execute the National Highway Road project, materials need to be transported from different places, processed at certain distribution locations and taken to the actual place of road construction for executing the work and
completion. Fleet of vehicles is engaged round the clock to manage the material movement. These materials may be available locally or may have to be transported from far off places. Depending on the distance, it may even take some days to transport the materials. Once the materials are loaded on to the truck, it is the responsibility of the driver and others
in the truck to deliver the materials intact at the Site location. Project of this magnitude should be managed efficiently or else the projects will suffer because of inefficiency, malpractices and misappropriation.

Fleet Management System (FMS) is software developed by us to effectively monitor the movement of trucks and transportation of materials.

Road construction is one of the areas, where this software can be applied extensively. There will be different locations in the construction of a Road Project.
  • Quarry and Crushing Plant is one of them. At this location, the Crushing plant will produce jelly of different sizes. This jelly has to be transported to different locations of Road construction.
  • WMM Plant.
  • Hot Mix Plant/Concrete Batching Plant
  • The site itself, where the actual work of Road construction is in progress. This is a moving location.
  • The last location is the Camp. It is the reporting center for all the other four locations. The daily activities of the four locations have to be submitted to the camp at the end of the day.

Since the material forms a part of the raw materials used in making roads, based on the progress of work, system has been
built to check whether the aggregates transported are near to accurate in comparison to the work done. Software also helps in ascertaining the materials spent vis-à-vis the budgeted quantum of material.

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