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Proper Inventory Management is very much essential for Co-operative societies / departmental stores, etc. Efficient, integrated and cost-effective software solutions are critical for Inventory Management.

Point of Sale is Software designed for effective Inventory Management. This software has a set of processes, procedures and protocols that are followed in an enterprise, usually of a sizeable scale, to account for and manage its inventory, which comprises several transactions, each performing a special task.

Transaction includes Sale of items, Return of items, Receipt of items into stores, Corporate Receipt & Item Requisition. Details and the flow of transaction are as under:
  • Quantity to be entered in the Sales window.
  • Provision has been made to give discount on the bill amount.
  • If the purchaser is a corporate client, the system has the provision to generate the bill accordingly.
  • The amount can be paid in any of the mode such as by cash, Cheque, DD, Card, etc and details of the instrument can be entered in the appropriate fields.
  • In case the consumer intends to return any of the items, the same can be done by going to the screen “Sale Return”. The system updates the stock on acceptance of the item. The items may be taken back against production of the original bill to ensure correctness.
  • When a corporate client purchases the item, sale proceeds will be reflected in the books of account only on the date of actual receipt of the amount.
  • Whenever, the vendors supply items, it should be routed through the window “Item Receipt”. Select the name of the vendor from the drop down box, the system displays only those items which the vendor is supplying in question.
  • Items supplied by the vendor can be verified with the respective Purchase Order.
  • Provision has been made to enter the particulars of item, which is getting exhausted. A consolidated report can be taken at the end of the day to indent for the required items.

This is one of the vital requirements of the software. Permissions to work on the software can be given by the Administrator or the person in charge to ensure proper utilization of the software.

Read; Write permission can be given depending on the user. Administrator can modify this security based on the necessity.

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