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In a situation where the work is executed at one place and the corporate or the main office is situated at a different place it becomes difficult for proper monitoring as these two offices are situated physically apart.

We have developed this software, which is mostly useful for construction activities. It is therefore, very vital to keep track
of the activities that are happening at all the construction sites. Till date the dependency was on the external sources
(viz., Postal, Couriers etc.) for getting the progress report from the sites. There used to be inordinate delay in getting
the information and hence follow up was extremely difficult. Also, there were no standards with respect to the details
required at Head Office.

We, at SNIP have developed the software 'Work@Sight'. This software is very useful for all the project sites to record
various activities at the site and to transmit the progress reports to Head Office electronically as well as through print
media regularly and without delay. The software ensures that there is no delay in the compilation of information and
transfer the same to Head Office. At the Head Office, the information received will be used to monitor the progress of
each project.


  • This is a project resource planner. Budgeting / Target fixation can be done.
  • Reviewing the progress of project i.e., actual work done vis-à-vis the budget can be monitored from a centrally
    located place.
  • Projections can be made with the existing data for individual projects. Helps in ascertaining the reason for
    delay in implementation of projects, which could be taken care at the time of implementation of other projects.
  • This tool is user friendly and customization is possible depending on the need of the customer/end user.
  • A versatile package, which can be implemented, at different locations whether within India or abroad.

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