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Bidding optimally is an art in itself as it involves culling out details from various sources. Software developed by us on
Perfect Bid has come in handy and ease at work to arrive at various permutation and combinations and to finalize on the
one, which is most suitable.

It is therefore very vital to keep track of the activities that are involved in Bidding for a project. Till date this process involved lot of paper work along side manual calculations and observations besides consuming lot of time. There would be
inordinate delay in getting the information and follow up was extremely difficult. All the activities right from the pre-bid
survey to the tender rates and their recalculation of costs will have to maintain some standards with respect to the type of project, duration and many more factors that would effect the costing for the project which is a herculean task.

Perfect Bid system is full-function software, which is designed in consultation with various construction companies. The
software is modular and open to customization.

There are several modules each of them performing a specific task. Different modules of the software are (i) Rate Analysis (ii) New Project (iii) Pre-Bid Survey (iv) Schedule (v) Section Details (vi) Competitor's Details (vii) Rate Revision (viii) Rate
Recalculation (ix) Cost Analysis

  • A ready-made package for the vendors to bid tenders.
  • By making minimum changes in the vital components of the project, the vendor can arrive at different profit margin and know about the cost involved to execute the project
  • Different type of methods is provided viz., Final Figure method; Cyclic method; Percentage method; Unit rate
    method and Constant method to arrive at the total estimation of the project for rates re-calculation.
  • Software helps to keep the update of competitors' rates.
  • Option is provided which helps in arriving at the unit rate within the overall cost of the project.

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