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We provide various services such as Consultancy, Project Management, System Analysis and Design, Software Development, System Implementation etc. We have expertise in the areas of Client-Server Technology; Web enabled solutions and Object Oriented Development environment.

We offer our services in the areas of :

Healthcare Image Processing
Construction Management Manufacturing
Banking and Finance Facility Management
Web development  
  • IT professionals manage SNIP. Our Directors have been actively working for over 15 years in IT industry, which include about twelve years of interaction, development and implementation in the field of Healthcare - providing total solution to Hospitals - both in India and abroad.
  • We are primarily engaged in providing total solution to Healthcare Sector. We have complete suit of products viz., Hospital Management System, Clinical Information System, Laboratory Information System, Patient-care Management System etc.,
  • We address the requirement of hospitals and doctors starting from a General Practitioner (single doctor) to Multi/Super Speciality Hospitals.
  • We also have support products viz., Blood Bank, Diagnostic Services, Material Requirement & Planning etc.
  • We have several installations in India. One of our major clients in Bangalore is M/s Narayana Hrudayalaya, to whom we have given complete ERP solution. Some of the other Hospitals are Basappa Memorial Hospital, Mysore; Swami Vivekananda Hospital, Saragur, Heggada Devana Kote, Mysore; Narayana Netralaya, Bangalore; Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata; Sahakarana Hrudayalaya Pariyaram, Kerala; SPS Apollo Hospital, Ludhiana.
  • We also work in the associated areas of Tele Medicine, Interfacing with Medical Equipment, Image Processing and the like which are addressed to act as a dependable service system in the effective treatment by Doctors.

One of our major strengths is in providing Facility Management Services. By this, the users have experienced total satisfaction since the problems associated with managing their day-to-day activities are totally shifted on to us. It also makes us accountable for smooth functioning.

Our Company is focussing on providing support to the Healthcare Organisations in utilising Technology to help patients both economically and qualitatively. The end-users, especially in the Healthcare Sector, can concentrate on providing services to their patients and we will be actively providing all the required assistance in discharging the core activity of hospitals - providing timely and efficient healthcare to the patients

We believe that by demonstrating CARE, COMMITMENT and CONCERN, we could work towards the goals of providing better and quality care to all patients.

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